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The dialogue was transcribed from various companies' commercials and websites.
The companies featured in the demo are: NBA, Ryerson Continuing Education, Twizzlers, TD, MEC, Premium Plus Crackers, CADDAC, Kraft Dinner.

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Simon. My cameras can't get enough NBA action. Download the NBA App to watch your favorite teams anywhere, anytime on any device. Learned what. The most respected name in online education. The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. With over 400 virtual courses, we've mastered the art of online education so that you can master your career wherever your summer takes. You twist the ride with Twizzlers twist. You can't resist your goals Have to start somewhere, but investing can be intimidated. That's why TD goal assist is investing simplified. Find your beginning with the new TD goal assist app. TD. Ready to help you move forward? 40 years ago, we made a trip to Mount Baker. We've come a long way since then, and we're still going strong Mountain equipment coop. Regular crackers. No way. Only premium plus crackers have that endless snacking potential. What's your plus? It's not easy living with a D. H. D. For a long time, I felt lost. I had nowhere to find answers until I found the Center for 80 HD Awareness Canada Visit C a D, D a. C dot C. For the resources that can help you to Kraft dinner. Yeah, it's the classic macaroni pasta drenched in creamy cheese with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Just once we ola Katie.