Karen calls Stork Hotline

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Odd mother calls the Stork hotline, wondering when her new baby will arrive from the stork.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Austrian North American (General)


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Hello. Hi you reached historic hotline. I would like to file a complaint. Is there any problem? Yes my stork is late with my baby. I need my baby from the stork. Oh sir please calm down. I'll be sure to get everything ready for you. Just put your information in okay. Yeah. Um It seems we had to cancel your request for a baby and your money was taken back. I don't understand. I ordered the baby. Yes sir but there's there's a limit to how many I'm sorry I'm sorry sir please I'm sorry there's a limit to how many babies you can order. This is the first I heard of this And it's not like I have like a dozen babies. So you literally have a dozen babies. You have 12 babies in the span of a month. You've ordered 12 babies. Is there a problem with this market? Are there not enough babies to go around in a way? So