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African American E-Learning/Explainer Demo

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There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when utilizing your CRM, such as employee communication, prioritizing your customers, data management and how to properly track changes. Automate processes and learning from analytics are some of the topics that will be covering in this training. You've just received an incoming call from a frustrated customer who says they've been kept on hold for over 20 minutes without any follow up a resolution. The customer has now been transferred to you and is very upset. Do you a escalate to a manager? B? Tell the customer that it is very busy and that all customers are currently experiencing high wait times and placed them back on hold. See? Apologize. Ask the customer how you can help and listen to their issue. Welcome to a workplace safety training. In this training, you'll learn proper workplace safety. What to do if you encounter a safety hazard and how to a handle on report workplace safety issues. Click next to be taken to the next module. The 5 10 rule. What is the 5 10 rule? In order to present guests with a welcoming and positive first impression as a front desk hospitality team member. It all starts with you. It's important to be alert and ready to receive guests as they arrive at approximately five feet. Hospitality staff should not or verbally greet guests, be a tennis listen and be ready to help accommodate their needs or requests.