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we'll be covering many topics and questions in this video, such as the following What is workplace harassment? Who could be affected or involved? What are the company policies on workplace harassment? How do you report it? What are the consequences and how to prevent workplace harassment in this module will explore the path that needs to be followed in order to achieve excellence and customer service before we begin. Will need to clearly understand who is a customer, a consumer, a direct customer and an indirect customer. Meet Allen. He's a new employee, and he's been off to a great start. Allen sees that his co worker, Jim, just left for his break, but that Jim has left an open container of chemical disinfectant on the ground where he was just cleaning up a mess. What should Allen dio animals? Great. Just click the picture of the animal. You'd like to know more about the snowy owl. The snowy owl has many different names, such as the Arctic owl or great white owl. Their legs and toes typically have lots of feathers to protect them from the harsh Arctic weather, snowy owls or die eternal, meaning that they're active and hunt during the day or at night. Unlike most other owls with Salesforce, your employees or colleagues can keep each other in the know on what they're working on. With the chatter feed, you can see what's new with documents, customers, accounts, deals or whatever you're focused on most. The dashboard is where you contract business data that's most important to you. Track new leads, stats and see. We need to spend your time.