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It's a familiar story. You prescribe a branded drug you haven't tried before for your patient. Then you try to figure out if your patients plan covers it. You do with bounce backs, you hunt for the right copay card. Musical theater is a great way to introduce people to all kinds of things, including historical people, places, events and situations. Because it's musical theater and hopefully entertaining, we create a world that is exciting and interesting on the audience can learn things without even realizing it. The next level of evolution saw the first wave of convergence with voice, video and data over wired networks and the ultimate arrival of the wireless networks. If we settle for good enough, our world becomes a different place. Where barriers remain unbroken, innovation is not rewarded and potential is left unrealized. Good enough can never be good enough. Not for the business you build or the payments that drive your operations. With laser guide, your operators will spend more time adding value and less time on overhead tasks