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well, it's not really to be honest in real life that doesn't inform my every position. But in TV, it certainly does. Because in TV, I believe, certainly, in 2001 Discovery Channel was completely reliant on a nonfiction model that elevated the host and the expert to a level of absolute primacy. So if you saw somebody on Discovery, it was because they knew what they were doing. They just knew what they were talking about. It could be Jacques Cousteau. It could be David Attenborough. You know, it didn't matter, but fundamentally there was an arbiter of accuracy. In the wake of that, my feeling was they had an opportunity to be an arbiter of authenticity, and that's a different model. It doesn't require a host. It requires a guest. It doesn't require an expert. It requires an apprentice. So the idea of saying Look, I wanted to a show that fundamentally challenges the underlying perception you have of your own brand. That's a tough sell, but they gave it a try to their credit because dirty jobs is still fundamentally rooted in curiosity. So we're still satisfying curiosity. But I had assumed this different sort of model, this cipher of source And then my friends changed everything. It just means, well, I didn't have to ever be right.