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English Commercial Demoreel

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Voice Over • Television Ad


This sample contain five ads. Scripts are for designed for demo-creation purpose.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
wake up coffee, cereals, no toast, no, wait, no time, get dressed, skip, shower, deodorant, train bus, car work, keep working, chat, work, lunch work, two hours left, one hour left an eternity left home grounds travel nearly their keys, door, sofa and now you have some spare time, enjoy it, stretch out and switch onto easy tv with thousands of your favorite shows and movies. Both old and new. Easy tv spend your free time enjoying yourself the way you want another town another day. A million faces to meet and talk to same questions. Where are you going? They ask that I don't know which load are you taking that? I know my way. No highway to speak of. Just about a card with every step I take. It's my life, my rules, my journey. Then you fragrance from car Lauren enjoy summer with the new easy to hold, easy to pour curvy, cook two liter bottle. This barbecue family, two liter size keeps the coke flowing and the classic design provides a grab to prevent embarrassing present loved ones, cokey coke, open happiness. Oh, why didn't I buy my car from car world? This man didn't buy his car from car world. Oh no, I'm never going to make the same mistake again. He will never make the same mistake again because had he bought his car From car world, he would have saved over 30% on the new retail list. Price should have gone to car world, dry your eyes son car world. No more regrets terms and conditions apply stories. They are all around us. Some take us on a dazzling journey. Others compel us to stay grounded. Stories inspired, teach, scare and comfort us. They are the answers to our questions. They help us remember or even forget. They change us, make us who we are. We need stories more than we will ever realize. Stories Find Eurozone Tunnel 365.