Video Game Character Zombie Apocalypse - Conversational



Walking Dead Telltale Script. Character Shel; older sister.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Are you serious? We can't let the guy go. What if he has friends? What if they come back here and attack us? How do you know there's no one else out there? Huh? Boyd. We don't know anything. We can't take the risk. Period. I don't know. Yeah. I mean what else can we do? Look I wish there were some other way but protecting my sister comes before anything else. I'm sorry. Yeah. I just you caught me at a bad time. That's all I saw the guard dogs eating a a puppy. I guess it just it got to me. You know you don't think about babies anymore. After a while you just kind of accept that this is it. But then there it is something new, innocent, something worth protecting and now it's gone.