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Benjamin Thomas Voice Talent - Creed II Hype. He can be described as Aggressive , Athletic, Authoritative, Confident, Cool, Hip, Informative, Narrator, Professional and Straightforward. His roles have been described as Action Star, Announcer, Athlete, Sportscaster and Warrior.

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This video is brought to you by visible. It's phone service in, and a Donna screed returns to the Ring and Creed to on November 21st. The sequel continues the Rocky spinoff series with a more personal opponent for it. Zero. And what we're sure will be some more amazing training montages. Here's what you need to know about Creed To free director Ryan Coogler, who went on to helm the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther isn't heading up the production this time. In his place is Stephen Caple Jr His work includes the critically acclaimed film The Land, which follows four Cleveland teens who get caught up in a car heist, riding duties on Crete to falta co star Sylvester Stallone and Jewell Taylor Stallone. His scripted six of the previous seven installments in the franchise. So he knows his way around the Siri's Michael B. Jordan returns as a donna screed, the son of legendary boxer Apollo Creed Stallone once again play Rocky Balboa. Adan is's trainer and mentor who has some special insight into his dangerous new opponent. Tessa Thompson is also back is Bianca Porter, Donna's his girlfriend, the mother of his child, who has her own struggles to deal with Rocky fans will also be hyped to see Dolph Lundgren returned to the Syriza's Ivan Drago. He was the villain of Rocky for a giant, dangerous Russian fighter who raised his own son to be Justus ruthless Florian Monte on new plays Victor Drago Monte on who is himself a professional heavyweight boxer who goes by the nickname Big Nasty. This franchise has always been compelling mawr due to the personal journey of its characters. They're not just about beating the other guy, although they usually end up that way. But the main drama is internal. As a scrappy underdog fighters proved their worth to themselves. In this case, that struggle comes in the form of Victor Drago, whose father killed a Donna's his own dad in the ring 30 years ago. A Donna's has always struggled not to live in Apollo Shadow, and this conflict is a chance to do that. But he also risks making the same mistakes. Cretu may end up having more strained family relationships. We'll have a Don is's own interactions with his infant child and what they represent, and the whole plot centers around two fighters unloading their father issues on each other. Felicia Rashad is also coming back, as Marianne Adan is's adoptive mother and Apollo's widow, who surely has some strong feeling about creeds fighting Dragos. But the filmmakers have at least one more son to add to the mix. Milo Ventimiglia will also appear as Robert Balboa Jr. Whom he also played in the sixth century. The Rocky Siri's is famous for the scenes immediately before the big fight, which show the opponents going through their training. Cretu is continuing this tradition, and judging from the trailers, we're in for some amazing fight breath. We've already seen Victor doing some weird push up combo with giant hose. It's and we're even more curious about the part where Donna's hangs from a bar while Rocky hits him in the stomach with a medicine ball. And there's boxing underwater. This is officially the best movie of the year. This video has been brought to you by visible. It's phone service in a Nap. Creek Do is in theaters November 21st