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I was asked to be the finish voice in the song. I repeat the last verse

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Australian Caribbean (General) Jamaican (Patois) North American (General)


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Yeah mm I love her. Mhm. Levar love our, ask me again and I say love hard makes no sense to take it to the heart. Life is so sweet if you just let go of that beef Tommy is of the essence. So please listen to this message. If we believe it let's achieve it. Like those jump man that came out last weekend positivity is the only thing that high brief it consumes me because that negative energy isn't me. Yeah I feel like a butterfly. I was tired. I see my mama cry so I dug deep inside with the power lies and came up with this dope brown. Yeah yeah yeah creatures of habit. Don't you understand? We'll be guinea pigs man, separation keeps naked spread. Let's close the gap and bring the love back. They used to be a village but now it's being destroyed by the internet extracted by the D chord destroy us. But if we dug a bit deeper understanding ourselves a bit deeper and love what's in the mirror, then we can love our neighbor to stop your heart from labor. I'm tired things. They're saying a culture shock is what we need. I'm tired of seeing his hearts bleed. We need to love her. We need to love her. I need to love her.