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An audiobook clip from the sci-fi novel \"Skyskape\".

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British, North American, US General American (GenAm)


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There are no movie boogeyman, evil armies dwelling in tar cave in. When you're ready to act like a grown up, I'll take you seriously until then, stay out of my way. Luka got up from the booth, stormed out the door and continued down the road in the direction of the bus stop. The nerve of her rigel said. He pressed a hand to his temple as though to relieve a headache. Well, she is the baroness of briars, Joanna said. There's no room for nonsense in her life. She's been through a lot. And honestly, it's more than any of us could know. What has she been through? Daniel asked. It's not my place to say, Joanna said. Rygel crossed his arms. Well, no matter what she's been through, it's no excuse for her to be so vicious. He turned back to Daniel, just so we're clear and not that I don't trust you, but this whole twilight parliament devastating baron blouse lands is real right? I'm not usually the person people pull pranks on. So if this is all, some long con, I'm impressed. If it's true, then I'll help. However, I can