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Expert VO Coach, Joe Loesch, helped record and produce this demo in Nashville, TN. We were able to find what VO niche could be best for my voice talent.

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route 66. America's main street, the mother road. If this road could talk, she would tell you about her legends and heroes, her tragedies and ghosts from her conception in 1926 to her demise in the seventies. But of all of her stories, none are quite as haunting as the pinball wizard of Hot springs. Fitness blender was founded by personal trainers just like me. It has a mass of whopping six million followers. Our simple goal is to make health and fitness attainable and affordable to everyone. We care about you as a musician and we know there's more to an instrument than just owning one. This is why every instrument is carefully set up so you can express yourself without compromise. Jack Fox & Martin Locke founded this historic grocery in 1947. It has been in continuous operation for 75 years. Once live music came to the grocery, everything changed today. Singers, artists and up and coming musicians make Fox and lock the unofficial gateway to music city road. Apple is american slang for horse dung or droppings though its color or size hardly resembles apple's. The phrase is believed to have originated in the mid 20th century. The theater handbook was published in 1940 which included the definition of a road Apple as an actor on tour