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I am an english speaking chef with a background in fine dining.

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Voice Over • Animation


I helped develop the characters and assisted in writing the script. As you will tell from this demo, I enjoy doing voices and developing them into characters is a true joy for me.

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French, North American


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Hey there. I'm so glad you could make it. Let's have some fun. Yeah, I saw them just over that ridge there. What do you want to do? Your call? Listen the town was abandoned when I got there. I'm so sorry. We will find you idiots. What have you done? Yeah. Yeah. I know. I gotta blow that thing up so that we can then go and blow the other thing up. Fine. You take it away. I can't stand the sight of such wretched creatures. Oh hi. Welcome to Pete's pets. Come on in. What kind of fuzzy, feathery or scaly kind of friend are we looking for today? Hello little fella. What are you doing out here? All alone? Are you lost? Alright now kids remember you have to make a left at the fork near Shady Death Creek. Dress me. What a delightful morsel you'll make. I don't know tom I think things are gonna get a worse before they get better, especially since we are literally crashing into some weird planet right now. That was pretty damn sweet. I'm up for another. Let's go