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Animation reel.

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Voice Over • Animation


This reel shows a variety of characters, from whacky and laid back, to serious and dangerous.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Well, Well, well, if it isn't the Super Squad all helplessly playing together. Hey! Down here, attention, I'm going to destroy you and end the Super squad once and for all. I'll do everything it takes to know. I can't wait until after you're done playing dodgeball ouch. I don't know what happened. But I was supposed to take her to the safe house and walk away. We were on the road together for over six months. Maybe I was beginning to believe that cure thing. Maybe I just wanted to make things right. And then we got there, we found the safe house. And because of her immunity, they could make a cure. But she she wouldn't survive the transfusion. Silence. I will not have my own daughter speak to me as if I'm one of the pack members. I am the king of this jungle. And I will not tolerate it. If I ever hear of you leaving our side of the valley again, you won't be allowed back in. Do you understand? Good. Now go. Your sisters are waiting. This is Team bravo calling Team Beta. Come in over. I said, come in. God damn it. Listen guys, I think Team Beta has been eliminated. Our mission is hard, but it's clear. Rescue any and all survivors. Everyone stay aware and come back alive. I'll investigate the cause of the explosion. Go, go, go. It's so exciting. A piano in our restaurant. Think of all the customers who can show off their piano skills. All the unknown Mozarts of our town. We've been over this before, son baby grand Pianos. Come from the same place as regular pianos. We even visited that piano factory because you didn't believe me now, Come on, son, help me close up shop for the day. Then we'll see what we can do about getting you some lessons high five.