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Hi. My name is Tricia Stewart Shoe and I would like to talk about something that's a bit taboo. It's the art of talking to yourself. A lot of people find that, you know, talking to yourself looks a little unbalanced. And what I'm talking about is the kind of talking to yourself that is required right now because we are all isolated. We're being given this gift of isolation, even though it does not feel so fun. And I bring a certain knowledge about that. So So here's what happened with me. Back in 2016. I left an abusive marriage and through that process, had a Tween daughter through that process of moving along, you know, doing everything you need to do during a divorce. I found that just naturally, as happens with divorce, that I was being isolated. You know, friends were moving away from me as happens, and I was really forced to be with myself in a similar way that we're you know, we're doing right now. And through that process I accidentally discovered that I really have a lot of wisdom. Sometimes you can't connect with people. Sometimes the people that you were once connecting with art available for some reason. In my case, it was late at night. I was in a new apartment, my daughter was asleep, and it was so late that there really was nobody to speak with. And and I think my friends circle had dwindled to about one or two people. And so, out of desperation, I just began to talk. I talked about what I was feeling and the injustices I talked about. Maybe what I should dio or what I had done. I began to realize, as I talked that there were things that I was saying that worked. That sounded logical. But when I verbalized them, they actually formed in a way that I couldn't form in my head because I was so jumbled and discombobulated. And then there were some things that I said that were hilarious and ridiculous, and the discovery was really profoundly transformative, and I began to do that more often. Of course, I'm suggesting that you do this by yourself. One method of talking to yourself is really helpful. This is from the Hoffman Institute. They suggest sitting at a table and talking to parts of yourself. You know, there's the spiritual part, the physical part, the emotional part, sitting it in one chair, being your physical self and talking to your emotional self, imagining that you are sitting in another chair, that your emotional self is in another part at the table and you can have this conversation and you can switch places even once you've talk to your emotional self. Then you can go to that chair and sit down, and that is incredibly healing. Another thing you can do is to just sit wherever you are, where you would normally converse with someone and imagine that you were having a chat. Talk about your dreams and aspirations. Talk about your feelings, your frustrations and really hear yourself by verbalizing what's going on. You can actually process and hear things in a way that you wouldn't normally if you just sat silent. So through the process of isolation a few years ago, I actually found a way through, and that has helped me tremendously with what's been happening now with the social distancing in the isolation. So I hope it helped you, and I wish all of you well and stay safe