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Over two professional stage productions including Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw, Simon, Miller, Chekov, Ionesco, My Fair Lady, Music Man, High Society, State Fair, It Should Have Been You, South Pacific. T.V. includes Young Simon, Good Girls, Ray Donovan, How 2 Get Away w/ Murder, Arrested Developlment

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tw Ashworth fiction narration. May 18 70 the boy had been missing his paw. He always did, but in certain days a certain slant of light or trick of sound would make him think he saw or heard the man, the rusty gate of a voice speaking his name, the rough skin of his hard work hand on his head are perched on his shoulder. He missed the man. But more so the kindness after his father died. Those things that had been ceased living as well, slowly starving until they resorted to eating themselves. The months since his passing had just been one long sore that wouldn't heal. He heard banging and yelling from inside the house and did his best to ignore it. He turned away, his dirt smeared face was wet with tears as he stood behind the small shed. My name is rick o'shea, Go ahead, make a wisecrack or at least snicker. I'm used to it. I can't imagine what my folks must have been thinking, but at any rate I've bounced off enough things so my name fits when I was a kid. All the other kids would shout causing at me and laughed their fool heads off. It even got to the point that causing was my nickname for a while. It finally wore off when they found they weren't getting to me and that took all the fun out of it telepathy that introduces an entirely new factor. She may be more valuable than we realized are more dangerous. She makes an outstanding pawn. Has your turn? Contact been notified? Yes. Any problems. None whatsoever. Terrans will do anything for the right prize Mountain home. This is hill bogey is definitely non ballistic. It reversed direction and heading north at Mach 10 Angels 65. That rules out an I C B. M. R. Meteoroid. What in the world are they talking about? What's a bogey? They've detected an unidentified signal with an altitude just under 20 km, going 10 times the speed of sound Snorkels. What do you think it is? Aggie looked at her long and hard. Us