Louie Tunes is a smattering of imitated cartoon voices

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Growing up with Warner Bros Looney Tunes I was always fascinated with Mel Blanc's many voices and over the years as a joke i tried doing some of the more memorable characters,

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be very, very quiet. We are hunting rabbits right now. I'm a chicken hawk and you look like a chicken to me. So come along peaceful. I say boy boy, you got it all wrong. I say I say you're in the wrong hand. Houseboy, cute kid. But he's dumb as a brick. I'm not a chicken boy. I'm a rabbit. What's up doc? What a maroon who hate you? I'm a rooting tooting high polluting gas. Tooting boot scooting of it. Shoot. I ran out of descriptive. You wanna run that by me again doc. I said I'm a rooting tooting high polluting boot scooting gas to say. Are you putting me on? Well I but but I I but I I can't understand a word you say. Well that's despicable. Help Help. I'm surrounded by putting tats.