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Hey everybody out there. Welcome to another episode of the Cool Girls podcast where I got a bunch of other Cool girls, just like me. Right girls. Yeah Bell, you're like the coolest girl. I know, I wish I were like you. Oh well you're pushing me my way geek. What is this stupid thing gonna be over? I got an appointment to get a full body wax because Tony keeps complaining about the hair on my toes. Anyway, Hey, is it time for my segment because it's gonna be out of this world, get it because I'm an astronaut. I've got an experimental black hole generator from Nasa, so everyone be careful. It's extremely fragile. Oh oops. As they say in the biz Houston, we have a black hole. Hey sweetheart, everything Okay? I thought I heard a black hole generator breaking. Oh no! Mommy is getting sucked into the gravitational pull. Don't you know, make sure to take out my casserole before it burns ke ha Hey doc, I'm getting some strange spikes on the energy spectrometer. If these readouts are correct. I think we might have a black hole on our hands. No. A black hole. We're all gonna die. Lieutenant. I'm seeing some kind of distress signal on the radar opening now. Huh? Upon my say you in her black hole. Black. Mhm. O. M. G. Did Celine Dion just get sucked into a black hole? That's tragic. Yeah. Yeah.