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A smart, confident woman who doesn't feel the need to degrade other women to lift herself up.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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I've got one tall drink of you. What else do I need, honey? On Lee, The ones you don't see their own beauty hate another woman for hers. You can be born with any body and still show the world you're worth their time. I'm the editor of Flux Vocal. After 10 years, I've learned how to plan ahead for me time. She is super smart, but enjoys a relaxing, bubbly, airhead personality that only residual ambiguity provides. Poor Nicky. I feel for him, but man trying for Jets girl. That's risky. You okay? Does this have to do with your new crew, mate? Nick has a lot of good friends to help keep him from doing something stupid. Or that's what I tell myself. I know Jet very well enough to consider him a personal friend. But he could ruin Nicholas if he wanted. Retz offered to help, but he refuses. He's convinced Carly is the one for him. What about that crew made of yours? Oh, is she not into men? Maybe Nikki isn't the only one who's gotten in over his head. I need to meet with you. Do you have a few minutes? I'm headed your way. Do you have a few minutes to spare? Is Jet in? I'm sorry. I wouldn't just barge in on you if I didn't have good reason. One of my journalist has gone missing her name's Marina. It's been 12 hours since I've last heard from her and she didn't show for work. I tried to call her home when I got no answer. I showed up to find her apartment empty. I have a key. She loses a lot of things. So she wanted someone to have a spare key for her if she lost hers. Other than that, she's very responsible. She wouldn't just run off and not tell anyone. So I know something has happened. I need you to look for her in your archives. I know I'm not supposed to share the database screens, but I thought it would help find her. No being media, I really need to know as little about your archives as possible. Thank you. Hello. I am Robin Asbridge. As you know, over the years, I became editor for Flux Vocal. But I am still an avid reporter. The Assembly's decision to end funding for projects that help the community is disappointing, however, Flux Jet and several other companies air still offering the same type of positions to the public that we always have dealing differences. You won't go to a central location to fill out the forms, but to the company. Were you desire to apply, you could even go to all of them. It's a little TVs we know, but it's the working solution to see if it goes well.