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This is a summary which I wrote by myself of a specific chapter for a book. The book was a motivational one.
I am a part of a book reciting club called \"Richer Reader\" in which we read motivational and self development books and summarize it in the form of audio.

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why the successful people tend to get more successful. The rich get richer, the happy get happier on the lucky Get luckier greetings to all my listeners I am with Child on Today I will brief you about the chapter Number four. That is momentum. The answer to this question is just one simple world. That is momentum. You all got that right. It is the momentum or what the writer says in his book, Big More. Now what is this big more? If you talk about any journey off life, it can be described as one step, two steps, three steps. It seemed like you're getting nowhere. But after a long and heartful effort, finally, you were able to get up a little bit off speed and run along the efforts you are putting in. If we talk about success, you get started by taking one step one action paradigm. Progress is slow, but once a newly formed habit has kicked in, big more joins the party. Your success on results compound rapidly. One point off information, which is really crucial for every person working tirelessly, hard towards achieving their goals is that the momentum works in both the sides off the equation. It can work for you or against you. Now the question comes. How do you build this big more? There are five certain ways for it. Number one. Making new choices based on your goals and core values. Number two. Putting those choices toe work through new on positive behavior number three. Repeating those healthy actions long enough. Toe. Establish new habits. Number four building routines on rhythms into your daily disciplines on number five staying.