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Welcome to our explainer video for the vision max glaucoma testing device. Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can cause blindness if left untreated. It's important to catch it early and that's where our device comes in. Division max device is a simple and painless way to test for glaucoma. It uses a puff of air to measure the pressure inside your eye. This measurement is called intra ocular pressure or I. O. P. When you come in for an eye exam. Your optometrist will use the vision max to check your I. O. P. They'll start by numbing your eye with eye drops then they'll aim the vision max at your eye and press a button to release a small puff of air. The air puff is completely painless and it only takes a fraction of a second. After the test your optometrist will have a reading of your I. O. P. If your I. O. P. Is higher than normal it could be a sign of glaucoma. If your optometrist suspects that you have glaucoma based on your I. O. P. Reading. They may recommend further testing. This could include a visual field test or an optic nerve exam. The good news is that glaucoma is treatable especially if caught early. Your optometrist may prescribe eye drops or other treatments to help lower your I. O. P. And prevent further damage to your vision. So don't wait until it's too late schedule an appointment with your optometrist and ask about getting your I. O. P checked with the vision max glaucoma testing device. It's quick. Painless and could save your vision. Thank you for watching our explainer video for the vision max Oklahoma testing device. For more information, please contact your local vision max Auto Metris today.