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You can't really slow down around here. If you step away from the desk, things build up and you end up feeling more overwhelmed later on. And if you say I need a week off who will take on the work, it will either put pressure on the rest of the team or I will just have to deal with it later on or the business unit may shift their focus to another person. You have to keep on going and I have to find a way to keep on going. It feels like whatever I do it, it's never enough and everyone else around me seems to be on top of everything. What I did last month or even yesterday doesn't seem to matter. All that matters is what I'm doing now. For example, despite nearly always being at the top of my game, I made a couple of mistakes that I normally wouldn't. My manager immediately asked me about this, which felt unfair. I don't think I can really share the real problem with my manager. I don't think they can help with how I am feeling and I don't want to risk them taking work off me