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JW Hathaway eLearning Demo 2023 (Natural, Conversational, Intelligent)

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An appealing \"Jake from StateFarm\" read, a serious and informative read, a funny made-for-children read, and an authoritative medical read.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US African American, US Mid-Atlantic


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let's go over our customer service expectations for new agents. You've probably seen our commercials where state farm customers make grand gestures of appreciation to their agents to thank them for great service. That's your goal to make your customers experience so wonderful they want to hug and kiss you only don't actually kiss them knowing the extent of acute deprivation in the world and how much it is changing over time is crucial to assessing the state of global poverty. The fact that the bank's global poverty estimates have been questioned from all sides is very significant. In particular. The controversy is relevant to assessing progress towards the first of the millennium development goals adopted by the United Nations as a governing framework for development policy. Oh Justin's in a bit of trouble with his mom at dinner she served him a salad and told him to be sure he ate all his veggies when she saw he hadn't eaten the tomatoes or cucumbers. He explained that they were fruits and he wasn't required to eat them. Justin's right. But don't tell his mom that today we're learning about estimated taxes. These are taxes paid every three months by small businesses and self employed individuals do I have to pay estimated taxes? Well if you're a wage earner, your employer takes taxes out of every check and pays the I. R. S. But if you're self employed or if you have income other than your employment wages you may need to pay estimated taxes each quarter. In comparison with healthy subjects. Pre treatment asthmatic patients had higher expression of protein tyrosine canes and related signaling pathways. After I see a slab A treatment, the expression of nuclear receptor transcription co activator in aceto transfer is protein tyrosine, Kane's nuclear receptor and RNA polymerase to activating transcription factor were down regulated.