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A reading prepared for a Youtube channel. Designed to be clearly understood, so reading is on the slower side.

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hello, and we're going to continue with the reading from Trent. Will these book It changed in the priesthood? A change in the law starting at the top of page three. These verses, among others in Hebrews, teach openly that Jesus is a high priest. This idea is no well among some Christian denominations. In fact, to some, it has even become common to the point off seeming unspent tacular on Monday. Jesus High Priesthood is spoken off in such casual turns and with no sense of its import and no understanding of its meaning that it has become nothing more than a Christian cliche. To most Christ, our great high priest is just a phrase to say. But the shocking nature of such words is nearly always lost on the speaker. In order to understand how radical the claim that Jesus is a high priest truly is, we must consider Hebrews in its own context. While the epistle is written anonymously, we know that it was written by a Jew in the first century a d who believed that Jesus was the Messiah, the letter waas written to like minded believers who had become sluggish, and it is intent on rousing them to action. We must remember that at the time this that it was written. There were relatively few believers in Jesus and their teachings were new and considered odd by the majority, both Jews and Gentiles. If any ordinary do had come across this epistle to the Hebrews in the first century, what would be his first impressions? In order to understand this, we must consider some of the things he would undoubtedly have floating around in his head.