Spoken Word Poetry Sample

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Spoken Word Poetry Sample

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland) US African American


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stop. Wait, who says we have to go back to normal, back to anything. What if the new normal ain't the normal we knew and we can't just do what we'd formally do? What if the biggest change is just you and me? What if we choose to be open? What if I listen? What if I'm missing? How bright your eyes glisten? What if I just smile of it, travel less and love every mile of it? What if I believe in the change? My cooking, my music can do what if I refuse to be a stranger in my own living room and I'll learn my lesson from a bad memory and I'll keep social distance from bad energy and I'll prove that funny beats sexy any day. But I mean, I'm still cute anyway. What if my dreams never take the backseat again? What if I'm there whenever you need a friend? What if I celebrate? My skin, my body, my hair every day. And I stand by every single word that I say, I'll lead like a woman. Maybe I'll have a family of dozens. Maybe I'll give my little nieces and nephew some more cousins. Maybe I'll stay right beside you and say yes yes I do. Because I'll never forget how much stronger we are together and I'll carry that knowledge in my heart always and forever