Biggest Burden / Myers Home Buyers 60s Radio

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One of a series of radio spots for this Texas client, including pickups for various markets.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Myers, the home buyers will pay cash for your biggest burden. So that kitchen that hasn't been updated since the Reagan administration spring break tattoo. Sorry, what was that my spring break tattoo in the small of my back, that's my biggest burden. Sorry to hear that. No, Myers, the home buyers will buy your home for cash. But the tattoo. Um, no, sorry, but that duplex you thought would be a good investment until you found out it was built on an ancient burial ground and you're haunted tenants stop paying rent. Myers, the home buyers will buy it for cash as is and they can close in just two days. Male pattern baldness. How much can I get for that? Myers buys homes. So if your home is your biggest burden, they'll buy it for cash, no repairs, no realtor fees, they'll even pay your closing costs. Call Myers the home buyers at 2816689816, that's 281668 98 16. Or visit Meyers. Home buyers dot com today for your fast fair cash offer. Oh in laws, They live in my house.