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Evaluating Video Production Companies

You've decided to commission a professional video production studio to help you promote what you do. But how do you choose a studio that will deliver the results you're after?

Whether you're a business owner who hopes to sell more products, a charity who needs to raise money, a hotel who wants more paying guests or a university who must attract better prospective students, it is crucial that you work with a video production company who will be able to realize your vision.

Choosing the wrong video production company isn't just a waste of money, but a poor choice could damage your hard-earned industry reputation.

Where To Start?

With several thousand video production companies out there, how do you find and choose an organization to work with? How do you find a video production company that understands your requirements, a company who can deliver a video on time and on budget, and a video production company that truly understands business marketing, not just the art of filmmaking?

Here are six items you should always consider when choosing a production studio.

1. Clients and Reviews

A production company's client list is usually a good indicator of the breadth and depth of their video marketing work. If a video production company has been commissioned to produce films and videos by a variety of organisations, across a range of industries, this clearly demonstrates they understand how to adapt to an organization's specific needs and, more often than not, they are also used to working with a variety of budgets.

The client list should always be accompanied by positive reviews, testimonials and case studies, ideally with video samples. Be aware though, reviews posted on a company's website are controlled and moderated to present the desired image. However, if the company is using a third-party website to collect client reviews, you can be sure that the comments are genuine.

2. Proven Results

A company that really understands video marketing should be able to demonstrate that the films they produce gets results, which go beyond anecdotal evidence. Video production companies should be able to provide facts, figures and statistics that back up their own marketing claims.

3. Relevant Experience

While a good video production company should be able to produce films for almost any industry, you should find out if they have produced films for an industry similar to yours or delivered a video project with similar budgetary or creative requirements. If they have, they should be able to provide evidence of this with video samples.

Every video production project is different but if they've worked in the same or a similar industry as yours it's likely they'll be able to understand your requirements and the commercial environment you're operating in.

4. Location and Facilities

Some video production "companies" will have a great looking website but could very well be just one person operating out of his or her bedroom, using semi-professional or second hand video equipment, pulling the film together with a free piece of editing software. That's not to say there are not any talented people out there operating very small video production businesses, but a larger organization can draw upon a much bigger wealth of creative resources and will be able to provide better guarantees, ensuring that your money is not wasted.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility Credentials

Working with suppliers who have good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials is often an integral aspect of securing higher-value tenders. The film and video industry is notoriously wasteful, but increasing numbers of companies implement CSR policies, involving the reduction of waste, recycling and supporting worthwhile projects in their local communities.

6. The Creative Team

Commissioning a promotional video often means spending a considerable amount of time with the creative team you're working with. Like any relationship, it's important that you're able to relate to them. You'll sometimes find team videos on production company websites and a few even offer video profiles of individual team members. These are definitely worth checking out because the style, tone, and production values of the videos will often tell you much more about their skills than written copy on a website.

Follow these simple guidelines and you'll create a fantastic promotional video that produces real results.

About The Author

Christiaan Harden is the Business Development Manager at Spectrecom Films Ltd, an award-winning corporate video production company and the UK's leading online video marketing authority. The organization also owns Waterloo Film Studios, a four stage white / green screen film and TV studio complex in the heart of Central London.


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