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Gaining Knowledge About Video Production

Learning basic video production skills

Before you post a video on the internet you will want to go through the steps of video marketing production. Video marketing production is the stage during which you film the video. The stages before you film the video are called pre-production, and they are both very important to insuring that the video turns out nicely.

Why Learning Basic Video Production Skills Is Important

When you post your marketing video on the internet you will want to receive as many views as possible. If your video is of poor quality people will not want to waste their time watching it. Video marketing production skills help you learn exactly what you need to make sure your video turns out correctly.

Getting Prepared for Video Marketing Production

Before you even touch a camera for video marketing production, you will have to plan out the entire shooting. This is called preproduction. You will have to come up with an idea for your marketing video and write a script. Later on you will need to plan out a budget and set dates and places for shootings.

5 Quick Video Marketing Production Tips

Video marketing production is fairly simple. The goal is to turn out a video that is of the highest quality video and audio possible. The content should already be perfected by this stage. Here are a few video marketing production tips that will help you get started.

  1. Rent or buy your cameras and microphones. If you are making an ad your cameras and microphones will establish credibility with your business.
  2. Make sure you do sound tests before you start shooting the video. Adjust microphones so that they come up with a clear sound.
  3. Make sure you have quality lighting for your video.
  4. Shoot the scenes in short clips. Make sure that you shoot the same clip several times in a row until you have one that you like. This also allows you to shoot the same scene from different angles.
  5. Make sure that the actors and actresses are standing at an appropriate distance from the camera and are speaking clearly.

If you follow these video marketing production tips you should end up with a high quality marketing video that several people will want to watch. Your next step is to market the video as much as possible so that many people see it. If you do a bit more research you will be able to find plenty of information on editing your video and marketing it so that people will want to watch it.

What Happens During Video Post-Production

During the post-production stage, marketing videos are edited and advertised. Make sure that you cut out all the clips from the scenes that you don''t need and add sounds and digital effects. Once you have finished editing your video it will have to be marketed. You can pay to have the video posted on someone''s web page, or if your video is good enough, you can try making it into a viral video and send it out to all of your friends to be passed on.

You Can Fix It In Video Post Production, Right?  Wrong.

In the video production world, the line "we'll fix it in post," is a common utterance for field crews Make a mistake shooting out in the field and it's no big deal, right? In the video production world, the line: "we'll fix it in post," is a common utterance for field crews.

Make a mistake shooting out in the field and it?'s no big deal, right? After all, we'll just fix it in post. Post production is where mistakes are corrected, right?


Well, I'll be a little more generous. You can fix a lot of mistakes in post but doing so is not cost efficient or time efficient. So for quality video production, you do not want to lean on post production as the crutch phase where mistakes are cleaned up. If you do so, your budget is likely to skyrocket out of control. I promise most clients will not like that

Post production should be a planned, organized procedure that integrates all of your video pieces into a video whole. Many beginners think editing is where you "fix" everything, but editing should not be thought of that way at all. Editing is where you should be assembling your video in a creative way, not struggling to fix mistakes, especially careless ones by field crews who do not appreciate why the line, "we''ll fix it in post," is a dreadful way to operate.

Let''s put it in perspective from a budget standpoint. Time is money, right? To white balance out in the field before shooting takes about two minutes. But if you forget that two-minute task, then get green video you try and fix in post, you might spend an hour fiddling with it and still end up with crummy looking video. In other words, lots of mistakes are not really that fixable. Even if you can fix it, chances are it will be time consuming to do so. So relying on post production as a mistake-fixing-crutch is an incredibly inefficient and poor way to produce video.

Now let''s take fixing shaky video. Several video editing programs now have incredible capabilities that take the shake out of your video. So now we don't have to use tripods, right? Well, fixing shaky video will take hours and hours of rendering time. So use the feature wisely. If you are videotaping out of a jeep plowing over the African plains videotaping wild lions, then you don''t have much of a choice. The very nature of shooting out of a vehicle moving over rough ground is going to give you shaky video and thank goodness you can now correct that.

On the other hand, if your are videotaping captive lions as you walk around the zoo, there is no reason to not use a tripod. Then you have no shakiness to correct.

How Long Does Video Post Production Take?

Post-production is a sloooow process. It can easily take 4-5 hours to edit a 2-3 minute video if that video is at all complicated. Anything that time consuming can get expensive. The last thing you want to deal with in post is a bunch of easily avoidable production mistakes.

I have seen lots of production folks get complacent about this issue. They take it for granted that a mistake in the field is no biggie since good video editing software can correct most mistakes. OK, call me an old curmudgeon if you must, but that is a poor attitude. Do your best to shoot it right in the first place. If, for whatever reason, that is impossible, then you can be grateful that video editing software is available to cover your butt. But a poorly lit shot will never look good, no matter how much you tweak it in post. So please do not rely on editing magic to cover up poor shooting.

Just a bit of advice from a gal who has been making video forever!

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