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Category Television
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Senior (55+)
Description Bobby D once again shows his versatility with this demo.
His distinct voice delivers so many emotions, and styles.
Bobby Doughnuts is the Celebrity Read.
non-announcer , real , genuine , calm , guy next door , familiar , rat pack , cool , articulate , calming , classy ,
it's a young yet soulful voice , deep , edgy , with just a touch of danger , a tweak of a romantic movie trailer , endearing , gravel , smooth , dashing , and at times a little edgy , devilish.
Narrator , Believable , Friendly , storyteller , everyman , authentic , engaging , authentic , caring
Everyman , Authentic , Trustworthy , deep , smooth , edge. commanding
*Bobby D's read and delivery will get your project where you need to go.*

it's a young yet soulful voice, deep, edgy, with just a touch of danger, endearing, gravel, smooth,dashing, and at times a little edgy and devilish. real, genuine, calm, rat pack cool, articulate, calming, classy, aggressive, dangerous, Alpha Male, Booming, Brave
Bobby D's read and delivery will simply and quickly get your project where you need to go.
dark and intimidating and the voice of god.
Simply said, Bobby can get you where you want to go.
Cool, confident, casual authenticity - Morgan Freeman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, John Hamm, The Most Interesting Man In The World, Real Men of Genius, Family Man, Blue Collar, Country.
Edgy with power. Serious, drama, comedy.
Hard working everyman - self-assured, confident, positive, assertive, attractive, aged, gravelly
Chris Hemsworth, John Goodman, Sam Elliott
The rebel edge, attitude, weathered, raspy, rough, cocky, rugged, F150, sons of anarchy, everyman, authentic, engaging, deep, smooth, edge. commanding.

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revolution in its simplest form. It's the act of moving in a circular motion. But there's another kind of revolution, one that's much more powerful, the kind that overthrows conventional thinking. It says no to the status quo, strives for something better throughout history. It's one has moved us forward, and that revolution is happening now inefficiency is being overthrown.