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Sarah Hethcoat
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Sarah Hethcoat

Los Angeles (Studio City), California, US

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Sarah Hethcoat

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Sarah Hethcoat

  Los Angeles (Studio City), California, US

Television_Quirky Characters

Characters Fighter Pilot Newscaster Soldier Warrior Animated Attractive Authentic Brave Cartoon Edgy Quirky Sad Strong Tough North American US General American (GenAm) US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)

Sexy wife (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation Yuppie Soccer mom Playful Mother Housewife Flirt Animated Warm Authentic Believable Cartoon Engaging Genuine Endearing Flirty Internet Commercial Sultry Romantic Feminine Perky Flirty

Excitable Newscaster (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation X Generation Y Reporter Newscaster Animated Amusing Authentic Believable Cartoon Friendly Dynamic Enthusiastic Genuine Serious Quirky Upbeat Bubbly Eccentric Energetic Funny High strung Humorous Perky
Frustrated Teacher (Character I wrote): US New England Boston Providence US New York New Jersey Bronx Brooklyn Middle Aged Characters Generation Y Teacher Boss Animated Angry Antagonistic Authentic Authoritative Believable Cartoon Monotone Concerned Genuine Strong Straightforward Tough Cynical Funny Humorous

Wingman (Star Wars Jedi pilot): Young Adult Characters Generation Y Warrior Action Star Superhero , Soldier , Fighter pilot , Animated , Authentic , Believable , Cartoon , Concerned , Dynamic , Brave , Genuine , Endearing , Strong , Scientific , Serious , Technical , Radio , Tough , Confident , Energetic , Edgy , High energy , Skeptical

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