Can my original quote for a job be changed?

Changing Bids on a Job

Talent are able to edit their audition on any job that is still in the 'Hiring' stage where a talent hasn't been awarded the job yet. Clients can ask talent to adjust their quote through the Voices messaging feature. 

Talent can simply edit their audition by:
  1. Navigating to the 'answered' job either through the folders within jobs, or by going directly to the job from their invite email. 
  2. Ensuring that the 'My Audition' tab is selected.
  3. Selecting 'Edit Audition' at the bottom of the screen.
Please note: Talent only have three (3) edit sessions per audition. An edit session includes any updates to the proposal, bid, or audition MP3 (any combination of those actions) before choosing to 'Save' the changes. Clients are informed if the bid was changed during the SurePay payment process.

If the deposit has already been made, use the Decline button when reviewing the Agreement so that customer support can assist in adding or refunding the necessary amount.

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