How do I find talent to record on-location?

Finding Talent To Record On Location

There are two ways to find voice talent in your area at Voices.

Using the Talent Directory

The first way would be to search our talent directory. Specify the location you are looking for voice talent in in the keyword text box. For example, if you are seeking talent in Los Angeles, possible search terms include both "Los Angeles" and "LA." Alternatively, you can select the Location filter from the Refine Results sidebar, select the country, province and state (if searching within Canada or the U.S. respectively), and then typing in the city in the City field.
You can also specify the voice age, gender, language, and any other necessary particulars. All talent have demos on their Profiles for you to listen to. You can contact the voice talent via their Profile by clicking "Invite to Job."

Posting a Job

The second method would be to post a job. Be sure to include the location of the recording studio (or other) in the "Job Title."

Then, enter in the details of the voice over job you are casting for. If there are any details missing or if anything needs clarification, we will contact you to obtain that information. Voice talent will be notified of the job and talent able to travel to your recording location will submit appropriate demos and quotes for their services.

You are welcome to post a Professional Service job where one of our experienced account managers can help you find talent in your area quickly.

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