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Can I see how many times my demos have been listened to?

Counting Your Demo Listens provides our members with the ability to see how many times their demos have been listened to.   When you fir...

How do I login?

Logging In To The Website makes it convenient to login from any page on the website. You can login by clicking the 'Login' link a...

How do I post a Job?

Posting a Job For The First Time To start, you'll need to create a free client account. Then, click the Post a Job button at the top of the page. ...

I deleted a job posting from my account, can I still submit an audition?

Restoring a Job If you have accidentally deleted a job posting from your Hiring folder you can still submit a response.   To Restore a deleted...

I posted a job and have a talent in mind but they have not auditioned, how do I hire them?

Hiring a Specific Talent In order for you to Hire a specific talent they must first have responded to your Self-Service job posting with an audition....

What are broadband facilities?

Learning About Broadband Internet Broadband refers to high-speed Internet. Some clients ask if you can deliver finished audio files via a high speed...

When does my membership renew?

Knowing When Your Membership Renews You can access your account details, including your renewal date from your account. Login to Voices...

How do I renew my membership?

Renewing Your Membership Existing Premium and Premium Lite memberships will automatically renew unless you have made arrangements to the contrary.If y...

How can I send a message to a talent who responded to my job posting?

Messaging Talent Who Reply To Your Job To send a message to a particular talent:     1.  Click Jobs > Hiring, 2.  Click the Resp...

How do I thank talent for auditioning?

Thanking Talent For Submitting an Audition You are able to send a short thank you message to talent who have auditioned for your job.   Click o...

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What is’s position regarding non-union vs union jobs?

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How do/can I audition for a Union job?

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How do I remove a sub-account?