How do I request a change to a talent's quote or fee or payment?

Editing a Payment

In order to request an edit to a talent's fees, you must communicate with the talent for approval. The status of the job will determine how this communication will take place. 

Before Offering The Job

If you need to negotiate with talent before depositing your payment to SurePay escrow, you can do so via the Ask A Question link that accompanies the audition response for that talent. To do so, access the job posting in question and then click on the Responses tab. Locate the audition of the talent you wish to contact. Click the "+"  button to expand the window then the Ask A Question button at the right. Your talent's response (and the rest of the conversation) will appear in the Messages across the top of your screen. If you are able to arrive at a mutually agreeable rate the talent will be able to change their bid .

After A Deposit Has Been Made

If your job has already been offered and accepted and a deposit has been made you can reach out to your selected talent using the Ask A Question method outlined above or you can navigate the Jobs folder, locate and open the job, and click on messages to discuss details your selected talent. As above, if you are able to arrive at a new rate, your talent will need to reach out to Voices Support to revise their bid.

If the rate is going up, Support will arrange for an additional payment to be added to the job posting. If the rate is going down, Support will arrange for the Finance department to issue a partial refund.
In either case, the talent will need to contact us via [email protected] with your Job ID number and the new total fee.

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