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When Are Jobs Reviewed, Approved And Posted On Voices?
What Is A Managed Service Job?
Why Are the URLs and Contact Details Hidden in My Proposal?
What Do The Job Statuses Mean?
I Just Got The Job Notification - Why Are There So Many Responses Already?
What Are Average Voice Over Rates?
What Does Royalty-free Mean?
Why Are Some Job Postings Closed So Quickly After They Have Been Posted?

Setting A Response Deadline
Hiring Quickly

Why Are There No Jobs Displayed Under The Jobs Tab?

When Are Jobs Reviewed, Approved, and Posted on Voices?

Most jobs are reviewed and approved automatically through our internal review system. Jobs requiring manual review are reviewed on average within one hour of being posted between Monday to Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST. Exceptions are Canadian National Holidays where jobs will be reviewed and approved the following day.

Quick Tip: If a client has received enough responses or needs to "turn off" submissions for some other reason, a status of Deciding can be artificially applied by the client ahead of the automatic change to Deciding, which occurs at midnight on the deadline date.

What is a Managed Service Job?   

Voices offers clients the ability to use the site on their own (via Self Service job postings) or engage us directly in a Managed Services capacity (via Managed Service job postings). When a client works with the Managed Services team, we manage the job for them from start to finish.

For various business reasons, some clients would rather not take the time to post a job and manage the project. Instead, they choose our hands-on approach and engage Voices directly to complete the job for them.

Managed Service jobs can be public, private, or mixed job types and are indicated by the Voices icon beside the job. Click here and here for more information.

Why Are the URLS and Contact Details Hidden in My Proposal?

Clients have the ability to contact you through the internal messaging system at Voices by clicking the Message button beside your response. Having an internal messaging system means the disclosure of personal contact information is unnecessary.
In your proposals, if you wish to direct clients to more demos, they can click the “View Profile” button that accompanies your proposal. Once on your profile, clients should have a wide variety of demos to review.
Communicating and completing each job through the Voices site offers a safer way to conduct business. It guarantees talent payment for the work they provide and guarantees clients satisfaction for the work they receive.
Sharing personal contact details outside of an agreement is a violation of our Terms of Service.

What Do The Job Statuses Mean?   

Here is an explanation of each Job Status, in the order in which they will typically appear:

  • HIRING - The job is accepting responses. Visible to both talent and clients.

  • DECIDING - The job is no longer accepting responses and the client is deciding on the right talent for the gig. Both client and talent see this status.
  • ORDER - This indicates a talent package was ordered.
  • OFFERING - Clients will see this once a deposit is made and an Agreement is created. Only the successful talent will see this status as a reminder to accept the Agreement.

  • WORKING - Once the Agreement is accepted, the job will flip to working status for both parties.

  • DONE - The project is successfully complete and payment has been released.

  • COMPLETED - Talent who have responded for a job but weren't hired will see this status instead as no further action is necessary.

  • CANCELLED - Should the project be cancelled, this status will appear for everyone.

  • DENIED - If a project was flagged during review, the client will see this status.

I Just Got The Job Notification - Why Are There So Many Responses Already?   

For almost any job, the first few responses tend to be what is referred to as "fire and forget" responses. We recommend customizing your responses and providing an audition that uses a snippet of the provided script or script sample, but you absolutely should speed up your response time where possible. A good start is to ensure that you've created multiple proposal templates so that you're not typing out every message to every client.

Another factor that could be affecting you, is your email provider and the amount of time it takes for them to deliver messages. All of our job notification emails contain a timestamp, indicating when they leave our server. Notifications are generated, queued, and sent a few seconds after a job is approved.

To ensure that your notifications are not delayed or redirected as spam, try adding "no-reply@Voices" to your Contacts or Safe Sender list.

What Does Royalty-Free Mean?   

Clip art, images, graphics, photographs, art, music and other created content that can be offered to the public or individuals to be used in specified ways. The creator retains all copyrights and publishing rights.

You may use and publish clip art, images, music, etc., as per the specified terms of usage, but may not sell or distribute to a third party. Royalty-free packages, collections, images, or photos are not public domain. The creator retains copyright and all licensing terms must be followed when using these royalty-free packages, collections, images, photos, music, and so on.

Why Are Some Job Postings Closed So Quickly After They Have Been Posted?   

Response Deadline

When a job is posted by a client, the client must provide a Response Deadline.

On the date of the Response Deadline, the job will close, changing job status from Hiring to Deciding automatically at 11:59 PM Central Time.

While the job will stop accepting new responses on this date, it is not necessarily when the client wishes to make a decision on hiring. Many clients select a short response timeframe to narrow down the number of responses they receive. 

Hiring Quickly

The client can choose to close their posting at any time. If you find a job has stopped accepting responses ahead of the deadline, it is either because the client has made a change or, less commonly, Voices had to shut the job down (see below).

A status of Deciding may be applied by the client ahead of their posted Response Deadline, if they have received enough auditions or need to "turn off" submissions for some other reason.

If a job is Cancelled or will not be moving forward, a client may close the project so that talent do not waste valuable time responding. You may see a Cancelled status appear instead.

Responding to Abuse Reports

While it is quite unusual, it is possible that a member of the community has reported abuse in relation to a job or client, and Voices has closed the posting to protect our talent members upon researching the complaint.


Why Are There No Jobs Displayed Under the Jobs Tab?   

The jobs you see listed in your Hiring tab are determined by the selections that you have made in your Profile. In order to be matched to jobs, you need to ensure you've filled in key information and uploaded quality demos. To make sure you are maximizing all elements of your profile, you can check out this article on profile completeness.

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