What are Voices Guidelines when it comes to Jobs and Payments?

Following Up With Jobs and Payments

The following information pertains to actions Voices is and is not willing to take in regards to any concerns about a voice over project and payment.

We will NOT offer dispute resolution services for communications or payments not made on the Voices site. 
1. Voices will follow up with a client or talent if a job appears stuck in one of the following stages:
  • Following up with clients who have indicated difficulty in making a deposit.
  • Following up with clients who have not yet created an Agreement.
  • Following up with talent who have not yet accepted an Agreement.
  • Following up with talent who have not uploaded any files.
  • Following up with clients who have not yet released payment.
  • Following up with both parties who have not yet left a Review for each other.
  • Following up with both parties to clarify the date range for broadcast usage.
We are willing to provide a link to the profile page of the client or talent involved in a specific project for any direct follow up, however we will not release any private contact details as this violates our Terms of Service

2. In the case of payment not being released, we require that talent make use of the Request Release feature within their account to remind the client to release payment. Once this has been done, if payment is not released within 5 days talent should contact Voices Customer Support. A Customer Support representative will follow up with the client and give them a 21-day period to review files and release payment or advise of any issues. If no communication is received and payment is not released, Voices will release the payment to the talent on behalf of the client.

If a client continues to respond with requests to hold off on releasing payment or that they are waiting on file approval, Customer Support will wait a maximum of 6 months before releasing the funds.

In order for the above actions to occur, talent will need to contact Voices via [email protected] with the date they requested release of payment through the system along with the Job #.

3. If the issue is concerning the quality of work after a deposit has been made, then a formalized dispute resolution process must be completed.

4. If a talent is concerned that a voice over purchased by a client for limited broadcast usage is being used beyond the purchased time period, the talent should contact Customer Support who will follow-up with the client to clarify the usage start and end dates. If it is determined that the client is using the voice over beyond the usage period, a Customer Support representative will facilitate a request on behalf of the talent to renew the usage and complete an additional payment should the client agree to do so. 
If a client is requesting a refund of deposit, they will need to contact [email protected] to advise us of the request.

Following receipt of this request, an email will be sent to both parties involved requesting additional information.

After the information has been received and reviewed a final decision will be made by Voices.

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