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How do I download project files for a job at

Downloading Files Once the files are ready for download you need to login to your account.Navigate to Jobs > Working and then click on ...

How do I request an edit of the files delivered by the voice talent?

Requesting Edits To Files Self Service Jobs If, on review of files uploaded to your Self Service job posting, you find that they will require an edi...

How do I thank talent for auditioning?

Thanking Talent For Submitting an Audition You are able to send a short thank you message to talent who have auditioned for your job.   Click o...

I don't have Microsoft Office. How can I open a Word Document?

Opening Word Documents Without Microsoft Office Most scripts are sent using the popular word processing program from Microsoft, Word, which is par...

I have accidentally deleted some responses to my job, can I get them back?

Getting Responses Back If you have accidentally deleted an audition it can be restored back to the Responses section.  Click Jobs > Hiring. ...

What Do the Job Statuses Mean?

Understanding Job Statuses The life-cycle of a job will run through several statuses.Here is an explanation of each in the order in which they will t...

What happens after I make a deposit or payment for a job?

Making a Deposit or Payment For a Job When you click Hire you are prompted to make a deposit to's secure escrow account. The deposit i...

How do I ask for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Requesting a Non-Disclosure Agreement If you are posting a Self Service job and will require an NDA from talent, you will need to state directly in t...

How does the voice talent receive my job offer?

Knowing How A Talent Receives Job Offers After you have made a decision, you will need to offer the talent an Agreement. This will change the job sta...

How many different languages can be spoken by voice talent at

Finding Talent Who Speak The Languages You Need We feature talent who speak over 100 languages to help you find the language, accent or dialect that...

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