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Is there a voice over words-to-hours converter?

Converting Words to Hours of Run Time Have you ever wondered how long it might take you to record a given script?   If all you are armed with is...

What are the non-union rates for voice-over work?

Budgeting The Right Amount For Voice Over Work We've updated our rates page to better reflect the process necessary for considering both client b...

What is a private job and how do I post one?

Private Job Postings A private job is an invitation to respond to a voice over opportunity that is only sent to one talent or a specified group of ta...

What is the minimum amount for the Specify price field in the job posting form?

Learning About the Specify price field If using the Specify Price function you must enter a minimum of $100 or you will get an error. ...

How can I get my client to use SurePay?

Inviting a Client To Hire You Through If you wish to guide payment for a proposed project through SurePay you can direct the client back t...

When am I provided with direct contact information in terms of a job?

Providing Contact Information To protect clients and talent on the service, direct contact information is hidden. Should you need to reach...

How Do I Share Auditions?

Sharing Auditions Client accounts (Personal or team) have a Share Responses button which will allow them to personalize a page with selected informati...

Can my files be downloaded from my profile and audition submissions?

Downloading Audition Files  Clients can purchase a feature on a job by job basis that will allow them to download auditions. Auditions are never to b...

How can I send a message to a talent who responded to my job posting?

Messaging Talent Who Reply To Your Job To send a message to a particular talent:     1.  Click Jobs > Hiring, 2.  Click the Resp...

How do I change my saved share responses page?

Sharing Responses If you have saved your Share Responses page and now want to make changes to it, you will need to reset your Share Responses setting...

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What is a Posting Fee?

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Will a Platform Fee be charged on Union jobs?

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What is’s position regarding non-union vs union jobs?

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How do/can I audition for a Union job?

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