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How do I ask for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Requesting a Non-Disclosure Agreement If you are posting a Self Service job and will require an NDA from talent, you will need to state directly in t...

What's new on the Post A Job form?

What's new on the Post A Job form? Beginning in February 2017, when you navigate to the Post A Job page, you may notice that you now have additio...

Can I post a job for union voice over talent?

Using their login, clients will soon have the ability to post jobs to talent agencies representing the most acclaimed union voice actors in...

I’m having trouble posting a union job. How can I get help?

A limited number of individuals currently have the ability to post jobs to talent agencies representing union voice over talent. If you have been gran...

What is a Posting Fee?

Posting Fee A posting fee is a charge incurred to post a union project.  Posting fees are not applicable to non-union work (posting a non-union proje...

What is a Premium Language?

Premium Languages When working with an Account Manager, a project management fee will apply to your project.  That project management fee is composed...

What is a Project Management fee?

Project Management Fee The project management fee is a fee for end-to-end management of your project by a account manager.  This includes ...

What is the Platform Fee?

Platform Fee (formerly SurePay Fee) The platform fee is a fee charged to access the global talent pool, algorithmic talent-to-project matc...

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What is a Posting Fee?

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Will a Platform Fee be charged on Union jobs?

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What is’s position regarding non-union vs union jobs?

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How do/can I audition for a Union job?

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Why is now offering Union jobs?