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Gaming reel

Voice Over • Videogames


This gaming reel encompasses various tones, both in American and British English. It was my first time recording a gaming reel and felt very satisfied with the result.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)


British, Russian


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
if there's anything the city has taught me, it's that. You can buy anything, everything, love. No brainer. Trust, Easy, even death. Hello, I'm bingle. Ooh! Welcome to our forest. Want to take a look around. Oh, careful. You don't want to dodge those one tiny brush against a dry tree and your toast. Time loop ended. You may now enter light year three. Please ensure all warriors possess a drone shield jane team. I nearly made it. Where are you? Oh, no, My dormitory jane. Hold on. I'm coming. I tried to warn you. Captain Stavro is no longer an asset. He's a threat to the entire mission. Giving him access to the key was a mistake For 20 years after the assassins defeated the Templars in London, the city enjoyed a certain piece. In 1888. London is plunged into shadow and fear by a series of gruesome and unsolvable murders. The brothels of White chapel seem warm and safe by comparison to its streets. You're weak, you're pathetic. Stop! You can't do it. You're too scared enough.