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Let's consider some of the things we've learned about the body so far. For starters we now know that our body is not just a temple we live in or a vehicle for carrying us around or a stand for our computer slash brain. Our body is us. It is integral not only to our functioning but to creating our emotional sense of ourselves. Our body is the foundation of our being. How we feel about our bodies. Is not merely a reflection of how beautiful or strong or healthy or competent our bodies are but depends to a large degree on how we feel in our bodies, which in turn depends on how or where we are of our bodies. As you now know there is a direct physiological link between being able to viscerally sense our bodies and being able to regulate, maintain and restore our physical and emotional help. We feel happier more alive, more peaceful and more grounded when we are embodied how comfortable we are in our bodies. Also depends on how others have responded to our bodies throughout our lives.