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What's your dream? Do you wanna win championships? Run a marathon? Be the first girl to play for the Yankees? It's only crazy until just do it. Nike. I am an instagram boyfriend. Colourful backgrounds, candids, staged candids. I get them all. But now that rolled chicken tacos air back a Taco bell. My hands are tied. Is it something for everyone? Is that blast of clean? Is it winning the race against time? Yes, it's the countless innovations of LG Appliances. What is this about? Big? You know, seeing the big picture. What's the big deal? Clinching the big idea ofthe Big Mac? It's a big world and a big world needs a big bank like Chase Bank. As a struggling actor, I need all the breaks I can get. That's why I have Liberty. Liberty, Liberty, What's my line? Liberty Mutual. Okay, cheque this out. I got a great idea for the Chevy Camaro commercial way. Start in that desert, you know, and it's like you know, what car is that in the bam Super fast