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I wanted to show my versatility with some playful commercials, deeper more meaningful promotion, a bit more current and what you would hear today on the radio, and of course, Chocolate! Gotta have chocolate!

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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Oh the guy in the Mancini. Yeah, that's Chris. Hey Chris. Yeah, Chris is not a stylish or especially handy, but he's lounging with people in that amazing Jacuzzi spa you say? Yeah, that's a thermal spa. Chris didn't need to be handy because we set it up and showed him how to use it. So now Chris can chill with his friends and hold court. Not while looking like a Borat, nice chest hair, bro. Holding back in here, there's no holding back. There's just grunting, gasping, gripping, grinding, get some forget slow were made to go. Gold's gym. Don't hold back. Singing is a way of sharing through music. We're able to share joy, passion and emotion. Life on a high note is sweet. Adeline is mission to give back to our communities to provide education and opportunities for young female singers so that they never lose their love of performing. Search hashtag life on a high note to learn more stuff is expensive. But at Costco, you can still find great deals on the latest appliances for a limited time, choose from Samsung Whirlpool LG and more at the store ranked number one by JD Power and associates for customer satisfaction among the largest appliance retailers select offers end soon. So don't wait for the love of chocolate. All the love Godiva.