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A collection of characters for radio and animation.
Accents: Heightened RP (old BBC broadcast), Broad Scots, General American, New York, Essex, Northern Irish, West Midlands,(Brummie), French

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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where modern women aren't we girls? Nothing to see here. Periodical menstruation is a completely normal part off being a woman. That said, There's no need to tell everyone about it. After all, why ruin their day as well as your own lesson? You still gonna gin it loudly when I was a lost tea? But if you think you're going to who's looking like that, you've got another thing coming here, Scott up here, dork stuff. No on my watch. And hot, soapy bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book. Sheer bliss. Am I right, ladies? Being a busy stay at home, Mom, I'm always sure to make time for a bit of self love. For the love of God, Michael, can I not get five minutes? Got them peace up in here for a strip club, for all I care. Oh, thanks, honey. You are basically be following a realist in tyre like crack are in the morning while I buy a crack at lunchtime and then, like no dinner get myself a bikini ready for my by our main. You ever up? All of them weeks where you just feel like a rain cloud that's following you around and him seem to be going Roy to No, you wanna does have a good stretch You fall to the fire and your human scratching Bella, you into your fullest slurry in class baguette. Don't demo Velo, which means I have a large French stick in the basket off my bicycle, and I am excited to get home to eat it. Fair to say it's been a fairly Borden season. So the last one's pride like Where do you think you're going? Rupert? Stan, Your lander. Thank you. Scary. Some of these boys get Larry Noi after that. Growing up for Daddy, Please, baby, go to the funfair. I've been ever so agreeable. This week I even competed Nurse Alina's documentary Latin Lessons in order to allow for more frivolity and high Jing's please bar Boy. I don't think the world is running for this to be over bore, Sure, but this may be forgettable minds. We're going to be heroes. We're gonna be filthy, he's thinking