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Annie at the tea party, and he jumps on her bed in her pink polka dot pajamas. Today is a big day. She is going to her first tea party. What an adventure it will be. And he jumps off her bed and stands in front of the mirror. What will she wear to her first realty party? Her pink to to Anne got dressed in a flash and headed downstairs. Good morning, Anne. Her mother greets her. Is it time for the tea party yet? Not quite. There is a lot to do before everyone gets here. Like what? The table has to be set. The T has to be made and the food prepared. Oh, that's a lot of stuff, says Anne. If we work together, I bet we can get it done. Let's get started. Are you ready? Ready? And he says, First, let's make the sandwiches and desserts, her mom says as she ties an apron on Annie. Can we make my favorite sandwich? Peanut butter and jelly? No, I'm afraid that PB and J is not a T sandwich. Tea sandwiches are usually cucumber and cheese or chicken salad sandwiches, cucumber and cream. Jeez, black Annis face crunches, A tea party is somewhat fancy, and PB and J is not a fancy sandwich, her mother says with a smile. Anne frowns. Okay, now wash your hands so we can get started. Anne washes her hands at the sink, and that helps her mother make the sandwiches. What's next? Anne asks her mother. Well, the sandwiches were made in the refrigerator, so let's move on to dessert. Do we have to make a fancy dessert? Anne's face begins to scrunch. Her mother smiles. Actually, we will be making scones, which are kind of fancy. However, cookies and brownies air. Also fancy enough for a tea party? Yea, Anne Cheers. Chocolate chip. Sure, Anne and her mother bakes scones and cookies for the tea party. Mom, they sure smell yummy. And he says she sniffs the air as her mother takes everything out of the oven. They do, don't they? I suppose we will have to taste one of each to make sure they taste all right. Don't you think her mother hands Anne a cookie? Yep. And he says, as she takes a bite of the chocolate chip cookie after a short cookie break, they get back to work. Time to set the table, her mother announces. There will be eight of us, so we will need a tea cups and saucers to start the fancy dishes in the Cabinet that we only use when company comes. And he asks as she looks toward the China Cabinet. Yes, those are the ones, and he goes into the dining room and opens up the big China cabinet. She carefully takes out each teacup and places it on the table. She then takes out each saucer and places them on the table as well. Her mom peeks out through the kitchen door way. Next come the dessert plates. What's the dessert plate? Anne asks as she looks at the shelf of different size plates. Well, it's bigger than a saucer, but smaller than a dinner plate. Do you see them? And he looks big quantity and her little one saucer, she says to herself as she moves her finger across the shelf, does their play. She turns and says the plates with the green snake on them. You mean the ones with the green vine? Yes, those are the ones, her mother laughs. Oh, I thought it was a snake. I'm mad. It's not a snake. I don't like those. She carefully carries each dessert plate to the table. Now what now? The silverware, which is in the drawers. In the Cabinet. We will need dessert forks, teaspoons and butter knives, dessert fork, and he scrunches her face. Well. If a dessert plate is smaller than a dinner plate than a dessert fork would be the small torques. Any interjects? Yep. Anne counts eight forks, eight teaspoons and ate butter knives and places them on the table. Anne's mother comes from the kitchen. Great. We have everything we need. Now. Let's at the table. Anne and her mother place one dessert plate in front of every chair. They put one cup and saucer above each plate. They placed the silverware on each cloth napkin next to each setting. Lovely. Now let's go make tea and get the food ready to serve. Our guests will be here soon in the kitchen, and he helps her mother put the sandwiches and desserts on fancy serving plates, and he fills the three tea pots with water and her mother helps her carried them to the stove. When the water is hot, enough for the T. The kettle will whistle while they wait. They each eat one more cookie. The teakettle whistles and Anne jumps up. Water is ready. Her mother uses a potholder toe. Hold a kettle and pour the water into the three teapots. Now what kinds of tea should we make? We should have three different kinds. One for each teapot she takes out the tee box should reserve English breakfast, Cama mill and jasmine. What's the kind that I like? English breakfast. Let's have that, certainly. And how about Camel and the jasmine? Okay. And he shrugs. They placed the tea bags into the teapots and take them to the table, and he glances out the window and sees her grandmother coming up The walkway. Nanny is here. The tea party is starting and he runs to open the door. Hi, Manny. Her grandmother gives her a big hug, and and he looks up and says, This will be my first tea party ever. How exciting, her grandmother says with the week, and he notices that the other guests are also beginning to arrive. Her mother comes to the door to greet them, and he peeks out from behind Mother to see her friend Madeline from next door. Anne, her mother says. Why don't you and Madeleine go find seats at the table? And he takes her friend to the table and proudly shows off all her hard work? And these are the fancy dessert plates. They are smaller than dinner plates. That's how we know you have tohave fancy dishes in fancy sandwiches for a tea party. But cookies air fancy enough and he says, as she takes another cookie.