Character Demo (2018)



Music by Kevin MacLeod ((Website hidden))
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Indian (General) North American (General)


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one life left head shot. Supreme victory. Lo and behold, this'll is but a mere sample of my limitless power. Look, it's a dangerous world out there, but it's not up to me to stop. You just know that once you past these walls, I can no longer protect you. Yeah, I mean, no. No, of course not. There's no such thing as a secret passage. Uh, you're not buying this. Argue. Please enjoy. You'll stay. You're going to be here a while. In fact, you're good to be here for all of eternity. Welcome, Driver Thistle is the temple of the ancients. Would you like me to show you around on? Does for your insulin's will not go unpunished. You have defied us for the last time. Well, you see, youngster, their soul rooster used to get all that checks back in the day. All right, soldier, I'm gonna need you to stop being so factitious. Uh was a facetious. Had a heck with it. It was one of those efforts, and you're gonna have to stop being it. Consider yourself fortunate. I've decided to spare your miserable life. Now leave my sight before I decide otherwise.