I need Direction. Improv with original characters. Untouched Talent.

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I found an awesome microphone a friend gave me from years back in the middle of the night. So I made a video of my self rambling in a few different accents about something different for each one. If someone sees potential in this I'm getting a new Mic. Lol Now listen to a typical average ADHD guy.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) North American (General)


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this is a microphone test. Um, let's see where it goes. Let's just use a bunch of right in the mush. Good way boy. Okay, mom, don't you come back out. You keep on going. I'll chase you down the road. Do I have to get out of here? Hey man, I'm gonna get some pizza. Uh, no, no. Pepperoni. Just some pizza. You know, some sauce, peso. I ain't never seen nothing like this before in my life. Well, I have to say this is a slight behind. It's going pretty well. Uh, had to say, you know, tell them pretty strong electricity running through it. You know what I'm saying? Well anyway, well maybe around rolling too long for this here video, but well, it just seems like kids go out and get going. Well. Um, I can go pretty much anywhere. Uh, you know, yeah, you live in, you live in the world just like I do and well you can pretty much act like however you want to be, I'm talking about the microphone now, you can be what you want. Right? I hope that didn't spoil too much of my lifestyle. I'm just joking. I don't have a lifestyle, lifestyles of pony face soldiers. I think that's it. Yeah. What? Don't go wasting your time chasing waterfalls. Just chase your dream and hope someone sees it, but only if it's the right person, if it's the right person and you're probably going to have any trouble. I mean like you, what was I saying? That was terrible. That was too bad. Well, I keep looking the microphone like it's the camera. I don't know. I don't know. Anyway, this is an audition for whoever what's up voice actor because I can do it, or at least I think I can on the record.