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I'm a gamer by nature and know this genre well. Writing, voices, and production all done by me in my home studio. Sounds from Zapsplat, with music from several sources, including productions I personally made, as well as excerpts from creators on Pixabay and Bensound.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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You really think you stand a chance against me, Darius? You have yet to witness more than half of my full strength. Here we are, mortal, The fortress of Dawn Breaker as requested for a fair trade. And with that I'll take my leave. Don't blink roaring tiger stride. Ah, but you don't know the true secret of that blade, do you? I didn't come this far to let the demon stop me. Now. I'm going to finish this fight. Whether you're coming with me or not, either get behind me, get out of the way. Where the **** is our air support carter, man that MG so we can give the infiltration team some cover fire. Damn it!