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today on pc mag dot com. We go over the top 10 best TVs of 2020. Be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more of our top 10 and other informational videos. Now it's time for the top 10 TVs of 2020. Number 10 Sony's H G Siris of four k o L E D. TVs is among the most affordable we've seen with superlative contrast but less than ideal color Out of the box colors can be adjusted using methods to correct this, you're looking at $1498 for this 55 inch number. Nine. The high Sense 55 R eight f The high sense are eight F line offers Roco, TV accessibility and surprisingly strong four k picture quality for a very reasonable price. Enjoy all the key moments in fast paced sports, movies and games with motion rate to 40 image processing minimizing picture lag to create a clear image without motion blur. This TV comes in at 6 99 for the 65 inch model. Number eight