Crime Fiction Highland male character



This demo showcases narration and a Scottish Highland male character voice

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Senior (55+)


British (General) Scottish (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Roddy, he said quietly. Rebecca tell from Drummond's body language that the man was no stranger. He's stiffened, and his eyes darted around the coffee as a searching for an exit. Relax, son, said the man, his voice bearing traces of a Highland upbringing. Just here to say hello. The newcomers eyes glinted with amusement. Does he enjoy the discomfort his arrival had caused, then the short towards Rebecca. So she busied herself in her bag, seeking a book she'd brought. She dug it out, who opened it and stared at the pages. She didn't see the words, though, As she concentrated on the conversation taking place. She was aware of the man leaning across the table and Roddy pulling back, slightly, still looking for an escape route. I heard you were coming home, son, said the man. I heard your mother died. Shame that she was a lovely woman. Heart of gold